Promotion Infomation/Forms




To be eligible for promotion, promotion activities, and end of the year field trips:

  • Eighth grade students must maintain at least a 1.0 GPA in each course in this school year

  • Student's will earn no F in any course in the 3rd trimester (all grades at D or above)

  • Students must maintain at least 75 merits to participate in the Promotion ceremony

  • Students must maintain at least 85 merits to attend activities; this includes the 8th grade end-of-year activities

  • All school debts must be cleared (textbooks, library books, athletic uniforms, paid damage fines, etc.)




Promotion Party/Dance in the Multipurpose Room - Friday 5/18/18

Fun Day Field trip to Sunsplash, Roseville - Tuesday, 5/29/18

Promotion Ceremony at Oak Ridge High School Stadium 7:45-9:00 am - Thursday, 5/31/18 





There are always many inquiries regarding Rolling Hills’ promotion dress code.  Keeping in mind that these students are only 13 to 15 years old and that this is an eighth grade promotion that is held on the field, the promotion committee and administration identifies the “promotion dress code” in the following manner: The overall style of dress should be “Sunday Best”; prom dresses, fancy cocktail dresses and tuxedos are not appropriate.  All dresses should be tasteful and should not reveal cleavage or undergarments.  For boys, slacks or dress pants (no frayed or torn jeans), dress shoes, and a dress shirt are appropriate.  Ties are optional.  *Any girl whose dress is too revealing will be given a shawl to wear during the ceremony.